Our Hospice Team

Our Hospice Team works with patients and their families to create a care plan that is unique to you.

Individualized Care

Our hospice team works with patients and their families to develop a plan of care that is unique to each patient’s specific situation. This plan of care is not set in stone. As your needs change, we will collaborate with you and your physician to give you the services that best fit your situation. Below, you can learn more about the role of each of our care team members.


Become a volunteer

Your gifts of compassion and care can make an amazing difference in the lives of patients and their families. Often, we underestimate the power that a smile, a caring word or the smallest act of kindness can have on someone. Volunteers can provide support to patients and families through direct care or administrative duties.

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Members of our Hospice Team:

Hospice Physician

Our hospice medical director, along with your personal doctor if you have one, ensures that your care plan meets your needs. Our physicians are also available to make house calls, should you need one. If you do not have a personal physician, you may choose to have a Heart of Hospice physician manage your care.

Registered Nurse

Your Heart of Hospice nurse works with you doctor to manage your medications and other treatments to keep you comfortable. Your nurse visits you wherever you call home and is available to answer questions you may have about your health.

Social Worker

Our social workers help connect you with community resources such as financial assistance. Additionally, the Heart of Hospice social worker can help provide emotional support for you and your family.


Our chaplain can provide spiritual support for you and your loved ones, regardless of your faith tradition, or can coordinate care with your clergy if you prefer.

Hospice Aide

Our certified hospice aids are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Certified Hospice Aids help the patient with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming and light housekeeping in his or her area. Our aids offer extra attention if you desire it such as nail care, reading and companionship.

Bereavement Coordinator

Our coordinators provide support to your family and loved ones.

Nurse Practitioner

Our nurse practitioner is available to make house calls and helps manage any pain or symptoms of discomfort by coordinating with our hospice medical director and your personal doctor.

Physical Occupational and Speech Therapists

Therapists are available to assess and provide physical, occupational and speech therapy as needed.


Heart of Hospice volunteers are trained to provide companionship for you and support for you caregivers so that they can take a rest, run errands and do any other things that you and your loved ones may find helpful.


Heart of Hospice Foundation

With your tax-deductible donation, we work to fulfill our mission by assisting individuals in need who are facing the end-of-life.

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