We Honor Veterans: About Our Program

As part of our vision to, “transform end of life care in the communities we serve,” Heart of Hospice is committed to honoring all Veterans who courageously defended the freedom of these United States. Through the We Honor Veterans national awareness and action campaign, Heart of Hospice has chosen to actively partner with hospices across our nation, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with a shared goal of providing unsurpassed end-of-life healthcare to Veterans; all-the-while honoring their distinct preferences, desires, needs and goals.

With a focus of deepening the collaboration of health-care professionals, Heart of Hospice seeks to create a Veteran-centric culture within each region we serve. All Heart of Hospice locations are devoted to engaging and educating all hospice employees, volunteers and their respective community partners to focus and develop best-practices in providing end-of-life healthcare for our Veterans and their families. As such, Heart of Hospice employees and volunteers seek to honor each Veteran (and often spouses) with “pinning” ceremonies as well as organizing and/or participating in community events that honor Veterans and their service (Memorial and/or Veteran Day celebrations, etc.). These activities (and more) allow Heart of Hospice to not only serve Veterans and their families but creates, fosters and grows our organizational capacity to partner strategically with other communities, regions and states to improve quality healthcare at the end-of-life.

Through the We Honor Veterans campaign, Heart of Hospice proudly stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other healthcare professionals to honor of those who sacrificed much for the freedom we continue to enjoy today. For more information on the strategic partnerships of the We Honor Veterans national awareness and action campaign, please visit www.wehonorveterans.org.

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